Aug. 15, 2021

If we do not move beyond the act of telling and celebrating the achievements of great Nigerian women to documenting and compiling the stories, achievements and contributions of Nigerian women, for reference, history and research, in the next 30 years, more than 66 percent of these great women will either have their stories and efforts forgotten. Some of these women may have their, memories wiped out for life, while some may never be heard. The best time to tell a child a story is when he can barely read. However, the best time to tell history is when a child can read and process information. Nigeria as a nation is gone past its childhood, and there’s a dire need to bring her materials with information that preserve integrity and history for national development. Unadulterated access to dependable and authoritative information for social, economic and political development is paramount and since we live in a digitalized world, access to rich and resourceful information must also be made available and taken to the places where the people really are - online. We have thought it over for today and our future and have come up with our latest project which is has become a reality. At long last, here is a huge collection of information on our enterprising and inspiring women around the world. It is a biographical publication entitled: BLERF’S MOSE Amazing WOMEN: WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA. BLERF’S WOMEN: WHO’S WHO is a compendium of over 5,000 Amazing and outstanding Nigerian women who have made their marks in their different areas of life from 1861 till date. We believe that Nigerian women are worthy of global recognition. Nigerian women—whether in business, academic or government—are unquestionably endowed, determined, fearless, decisive, and outstanding. Their voices have been heard loud and clear and their presence felt both on the local and international scenes. It has therefore become necessary to sustain this tempo for posterity through a well-articulated documentation of their personas and accomplishments. This is our goal. We have taken into consideration, that many attempts in the past to carry out similar publications on Nigerian women had failed since certain globally acceptable standards were not met in terms of depth of data collection; excellent, professional editing; digitized storage; easy retrieval procedure; and quality of production. We are filling up these gaps and move even further. The conception and execution of this publication is in line with global best practices with excellent delivery as our watchword. It is conceived to be different from any of its kind ever published in Nigeria; and to compete with the best in the world. Our aim is to present to the world a highly competitive reference material, providing a one stop access to inexhaustible up to date biographical data of the most celebrated Nigerian women selected based on their achievements and impact in private, business, political or public service of all times-dead or alive. THE PUBLISHERS: WOMEN WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA is published by the Biographical Legacy and Research Foundation (BLERF) Nigeria and its is, edited by Nyaknnoabasi Osso, the multiple award-winning research, documentation and biographical specialist, the initiator and editor of the globally recognized Newswatch WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA. BLERF is a non-governmental organization, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commissions of Nigeria. BLERF has assembled a team of dedicated professionals (Scholars, Historians, Elder-statesmen and Journalists) who engage in systematic and methodological research, investigation and study of biographical information of great Nigerians at home and abroad- both living and dead. We have already blazed the trail by publishing the first-ever online WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA, which features eminent Nigerians across several generations from 1861 to date ( BLERF’S WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA is currently the richest, most authoritative, dependable, biggest and the best Nigerian biographical databank in existence. It is a storehouse of personality information for scholars, researchers, government, historians, students, diplomats, journalists, and all those seeking information about distinguished Nigerians. WHY START FROM 1861? One morning in the year 1861, events took an unusual turn. The residents of the old city woke up to a fireball invasion of Lagos by the colonial troops. Sounds of gunshots and deafening explosives enveloped the city as fire settled on top of houses; including the Oba’s palace rendering the Oba and indeed the Nigerian people powerless. Although the year 1861 may not necessarily be the cradle of what later became the modern Nigeria, it is a great Historical Milestone as it coincides with the establishment of Lagos as a British Colony. It was the beginning of history. As once stated by Dr Dele Cole “The history of Lagos is the history of Nigeria; and cannot be divorced.” (The Guardian, Sunday, November /,2016, p35] WHY WE NEED NIGERIAN WOMEN: WHO’S WHO One important reason for publishing BLERF’S MOST AMAZING NIGERIAN WOMEN: WHO’S WHO is because women were grossly under-represented in WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA. We have therefore seen the need to create the required balance by presenting a separate publication dedicated fully to women. It is our conviction that such a publication will enhance the status of Nigerian women both within and outside Nigeria as it recognizes, appreciates, restores and promotes the often down-played role of Nigerian women in our society. This publication advocates and pushes for more women active participation in the development of our politics, economy and leadership. Both the printed and the online version of the book will create rich resource centers or databank on issues that concern women in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of world. This publication will encourage, support and inspire writers, journalists, researchers, historians, scholars and teachers to focus on matters concerning the welfare, awareness, development and growth of women in different facets of life. PROJECT CONCEPT The project is designed in phases but is scheduled to run simultaneously, in two parts: the book and the online database. THE BOOK PROJECT This is entitled: BLERF’S WOMEN: WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA. As a biographical encyclopedia, it will consist of 5,000 outstanding Nigerian women selected based on their achievements and impact in private, business or public service. The selection is done by a group of eminent scholars, historians, elder-statesmen and journalists. THE ONLINE DATABASE BLERF’S WOMEN WHO’S WHO’ website hosts several eminent biographical data regularly updated and made easily accessible to the public. The online version will feature digitization of materials on individual women—books, magazines, newspapers, seminar/conference papers. We will also expand our research centre to accommodate research materials from similar centres from different parts of the world WHAT MARKS US OUT This project complements other literary works on biographies carried out by different individuals. However, BLERF’S distinguishing feature is the online component which marries the traditional hard copy presentation to the modern electronic media platform. This can be accessed through the use of computers with internet connectivity or on mobile phones with appropriate applications. This approach places the required information at the fingertips of the researcher. It also powers continuous updating of the entries. BENEFITS We are embarking on a project with the value of national heritage; designed to outlive several generations. Across the world, it will provide a one-stop access to biographical data of the most celebrated Nigerian women of all times; dead or alive. Both the book and the online database will serve as inexhaustible reservoirs of biographical information on Nigerians to scholars, government, researchers, historians, and students. SPONSORSHIP For a National project of this magnitude, generous sponsorship and freewill donations are required. This will help in data collections in multiple formats (DVD, CD’S, Brochures, Books, Website, etc.) covering over 150 years of authoritative, verified and dependable information gathering from primary, secondary and tertiary sources, which will be meticulously monitored and continuously updated almost on a daily basis as needs will arise. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BLERF’S online database will attract high human traffic across the world. It is therefore expected that government, individuals and corporate bodies will exploit this opportunity for business development. We are already putting together a comprehensive advertising campaign/branding and marketing strategies for your benefits. VISION To serve as Nigeria’s most reliable authority on biographical information on Nigerians all over the world. MISSION To methodically search, collect, verify, preserve, update and present biographical data on Nigerians employing the highest professional ethics and standards in data collection, storage and retrieval. BLERF’S WHO IS WHO IN NIGERIA: we mean well for the Nigerian woman. CONTACT: Address: EN 774, Adeyinka Oyekan Close (B Close), Mamman Shata Street behind Dominos Pizza off 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja. Phone: 08188624847 Email: [email protected] For more information kindly visit our website:

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